Essex to Ipanema

This weekend we made a trip out to the Essex coast to suss out a few locations for the forthcoming Ipanema File, and here is the first test of matte painting to transform our location into something a little more tropical…

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Under The Skin (Review)


I remember a friend lending me the book this was based on quite some time ago… fascinating story… excited to see it realised on the big screen!

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Highbrow and art-house cinema have spent a long time trying to find the balance between style and substance. A lot of them, it is safe to say, fall into the former; abandoning the depth of a story for pretty images in an attempt to stir the audience. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing because sometimes thought provoking artwork can be outstanding; leaving you squirming with emotions. But it is disappointing for characterisation and plot to be abandoned for look. One director has used art, imagery and more to enhance his tales instead of replacing them His name is Jonathon Glazer and he has wowed us again with Under The Skin.

Under The Skin is his recent British independent film. It tells the story of an unnamed alien who comes down to Scotland in order to prey on young males. She picks them up in a white van, takes them to…

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25 days to go…

The Ipanema File

What is this mime doing in the magician’s office?

Second read-through for The Ipanema File last night and it’s still incredible to me what we have achieved in such a short time… and marginally terrifying how much we still have to do!

I have no fear tho – we have definitely lucked out with the people we have around us – fascinating to watch actors become their characters before our very eyes, and the energy everyone is putting into this project is enough to get you a wee bit high ;)

So we will continue to tease you with snippets of scenes, which may or may not end up in the finished project… what on earth is that mime doing in the magician’s office? Will we ever find out? Do we want to??!*

*hint: maybe, and yes yes YES!

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Fillet of Film – The Making of The Ipanema File – Episode One

Fabulous things can grow from stories and dreams shared – I remember Danny telling me his idea for a detective story, over a year ago now… and now here we sit, less than 2 months til filming starts, with an incredible team who match us in their enthusiasm and dedication to making this a reality!

We are committed to the craft, and despite our collective lack of Film School Cred, are giving it our all in the hopes we can show the world that it is possible to make something beautiful on a shoestring, avoiding entirely the echo-y sound, poor lighting, and strange compression artifacts that blight so many low budget productions… big words I know!

Creating is the most wonderful thing.

So yeah… follow us on this journey… who knows where it will take us? Episode two is in the pipeline… locations and paperwork and planning, OH MY!

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Heavy Knitwear Science Fiction



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Every now and then I discover a specific sub-genre of film in which so many of my favourite films fit. Sadly these sub-genres don’t actually exist so it is up to me to name and define them. I’ll start with a sub-genre that has its own dedicated section on my DVD shelf; Heavy Knitwear Science Fiction (or HeKniSciFi for short). This is a genre that is all the rage these days and a prime example can be found in the upcoming release Her .


What are you talking about?
Heavy Knitwear Science Fiction covers all of those films in which there is a strong science fiction element at the crux of the plot and the film’s main focus is on the emotions of the characters rather than the fictional science itself.

Science Fiction tends to be quite futuristic, have a cast of characters in form-fitting clothing, and the futuristic technology…

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Something from the cellar (red)


This is how all wine blurbs sound in my head

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With the last couple of id-iom wine description redesigns still going strong in-store I thought it only fair to spread the love and get another supermarket in on the act. Today we have a cheeky little red with a fruity bouquet that can be yours for the princely sum of £4.  Get it while it lasts…



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The Child of Lov

Rummaging around the jumble sale of music blogs, finding new things to listening to, I found this guy back in June. Weird, squelchy, hypnotic funk, he collaborated with Damon Albarn and DOOM, producing insistent tracks that went round and round my head for weeks. I was gutted to hear a few weeks ago of his passing – he was young and seemed to have so much promise, to hear it happened due to surgery for a chronic heart condition at the age of 26 was heart-breaking. Life is short guys – use it well.

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My Problem with Crowd-Funding – Fighting Badgers

Read this first:

 My Problem with Crowd-Funding – Fighting Badgers

I completely agree – crowdfunding has become the latest victim of technological misuse.

I have so far taken part in a few crowd-funded endeavours – an ingenious bookmark system and a smart phone with a conscience - and think it’s a great way of supporting grass roots innovation. You get something cool out of it, the originator gets insight into how desirable his (or her) idea really is, and brilliant ideas can spread like wildfire.

But for film-making, it’s quickly becoming a lost cause –  as Danny points out in the article above, trying to shoehorn any old industry into this uber-trendy market is doomed to fail. It’s perfect for inventions, charity funding, and other projects with guaranteed returns e.g. you fund a phone company…. you get a phone, and probably not for much more than an equivalent bought in a shop (but of course yours comes with an extra smug glow of exclusivity and “cool points” for Being There First)… what do film-makers offer? A quick search turns up such gems as “A thanks on facebook”, “a copy of the script”, “dinner with the director” and “Executive Producer credit!”. Firstly, a thanks on facebook is hardly worth even a fiver… getting a copy of a script for a film you’ve never seen isn’t really tempting unless it was written by someone in your family, and fancy hotels/meals are quite frankly a waste of everyone’s time and money, and when was the last time you pre-ordered film merchandise for a film you’d never seen starring unknown actors? …and don’t even get me started on giving away production credits. I come from a science background where some still see authorship of papers as something to be gifted – I don’t. Free-loading in any form is abhorrent – don’t compromise your integrity and that of your film by crediting anyone who waves a bunch of £20s in your face – everyone who works on a film is bound together by it forever, and in these internet-driven days, obscurity is hard to come by, so chances are these people will be with you for a long time.

If you need money for a film company – get backers… don’t sit around waiting for a dribble of £20 donations from your nearest and dearest. If you want someone to give you a chunk of money – give them something worthwhile back: shares in the company are better than schmoozing. If you want to get more socially involved, by all means do that – personally, I think the one thing crowdfunding can really give independent film-makers is a means of pre-selling tickets to screenings. I think that’s a great idea and love services like EventBrite and Brown Paper Tickets.

Enough ranting – back to work…

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Inside The Jacket that wanted to be a Coat

href=””>Inside The Jacket that wanted to be a Coat A wee blog I wrote on my experiences working with Fighting Badgers on a zero budget short film written as a show reel piece for actor Candice Lana.



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Top 20: Private Eye movies


For all the private detective books I’ve read, I’ve seen suprisingly few films. As the days get shorter, it’s definitely time to fix that…

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“The bottom is loaded with nice people. Only cream and bastards rise” - HARPER (1966)

The private investigator or, in Sherlock Holmes’ case, ‘consulting’ detective, is a figure completely embedded into the history of the crime and mystery genre, but one with many faces and attributes. Many of the best known sleuths after all were not in fact police officers but men (and occasionally women) working in an unofficial capacity, acting instead of, in competition with or in parallel to, the official forces of law and order. This is certainly true of such well-connected amateurs as Lord Peter Wimsey and Miss Marple for instance but we would probably hesitate to actually call them ‘private detectives’ as there is something semi-official about that phrase, connoting a professional activity which we would instead connect more directly with the likes of VI Warchavski, Poirot, Nero Wolfe and Philip Marlowe rather than just a…

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