United States of Adventures

So here we are, in the Big Apple, slightly hungover after a night of comedy, avoiding the crazy storms in Europe and a few days away from home – time for a quick preview of posts to come!

Austin – bats and cowboy boots, crazy rain and crazy heat, jumping in and out of a not-quite-warm enough pool, beautiful wedding of close friends, kayaking down the Colorado

New Orleans – driving for the first time in frickin’ years and doing better than expected! Suite upgrades, more jumping around in slightly warmer pools, being adopted for the night by a couple from Louisiana (and as always, my knowledge of pain being ransacked), gators and swamp crack

On the Road Again – this time just me and my navigator, getting lost on Mississippi side roads in the dark and being saved by the north star/Philipp, staying at the fabulous Shack Up Inn, buying a geetar in Clarksdale and checking out Morgan Freeman’s Ground Zero blues club, heading back down to Indianola for the B.B. King museum, heading on up to the home of the King, drooling over cars at Graceland and eventually escaping Tennessee on a Greyhound… Sorry Nashville, but we will not be seeing you again! Driving through the night, all you see are adverts, small towns like litter scattered over endless beautiful forests…

No sleep til… Not Bowery (run away! This is not a room, it’s a cupboard!!), neck strain and sensory overload in Manhattan, buying my first Levi’s in YEARS at Macy’s for practically no $$, excellent food at TGI Friday, not so excellent food at St Andrews Scottish Steakhouse (we went for the Irn Bru, ok?), laughs at LOL (despite a no-show from Aaron Berg), drinks at Jimmy’s Corner… and finally Brooklyn. Sleep!

Still to come… Man Man, cheese steaks, cracked bells, and halloween in Philly! More touristy bits, Adam Yauch park, and almost certainly buying a jumper…

Watch this space for photos and videos of all the above and more!


About Rosie

Scientist, producer, data-lover, bicyclist, taker of photos, and forever maker of things
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