Fillet of Film – The Making of The Ipanema File – Episode One

Fabulous things can grow from stories and dreams shared – I remember Danny telling me his idea for a detective story, over a year ago now… and now here we sit, less than 2 months til filming starts, with an incredible team who match us in their enthusiasm and dedication to making this a reality!

We are committed to the craft, and despite our collective lack of Film School Cred, are giving it our all in the hopes we can show the world that it is possible to make something beautiful on a shoestring, avoiding entirely the echo-y sound, poor lighting, and strange compression artifacts that blight so many low budget productions… big words I know!

Creating is the most wonderful thing.

So yeah… follow us on this journey… who knows where it will take us? Episode two is in the pipeline… locations and paperwork and planning, OH MY!


About Rosie

Scientist, producer, data-lover, bicyclist, taker of photos, and forever maker of things
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One Response to Fillet of Film – The Making of The Ipanema File – Episode One

  1. eazymomo says:

    I sit in a taxi in kuala lumpur, away to my work for the day, my heart swelling with pride and excitement for my friend. Once again the genius has taken herself to task, but this time surrounding herself with what appears to be an incredibly determined and capable ensemble. I truly hope this adventure is all it’s cracked up to be and much much more. Bonne courage mes enfants intrépides!


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