Post-production in Action – The Ipanema File

A wee blog I wrote on the post-production process on The Ipanema File, from the perspective of sitting on the sofa watching the magic happen! Every day the film is looking better and better – can’t wait to share more with you guys!

Fighting Badgers

We at Fighting Badgers are pretty new to this film-making malarkey, but being inexperienced is no excuse for not getting stuck in!

Since finishing principal photography just over a month ago, we certainly haven’t been sitting on our hands – our editor is based outside London, so we’ve been sending hard-drives full of precious footage through the post (so much quicker than sending over the internet given the massive amount of footage!) and waiting with baited breath for every rough cut that comes back. It’s been fascinating and exciting to see what he comes up with, especially as he was not present during the shoot, so is working purely from the script and the very detailed logs we took during filming. We wait and anticipate the first full rough cut!

Daniel, the director has some editing experience himself, and has been cracking on with getting the trailer ready, and I’ve…

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