Croissant Weekend

I’ve decided my favourite style of cooking involves short busts of activity spread out over many hours… Patient cooking, which also let’s me do other things in between. Croissants fit the bill.

First day is dough making – frothing, mixing, squishing. I realise I have no dough hooks and use my fingers instead.


Enormous amounts of butter, flattened, cooled and folded carefully into the dough according to precise dimension.


(Next time I will take more care to get the edges straight…)
Folding and rolling and folding and rolling with radio 6 music at Glastonbury in the background. Doing stats in between, watching The Ipanema File trailer take shape, painting shoes, and planting seeds.  By 11pm, the dough was ready to be put to bed in the fridge.
The next day, the dough was halved and rolled to within an inch of its life and precisely divided into rectangles containing triangles, which were stretched and rolled into shape.



Sliding the trays into bin bags to prove seems somehow disrespectful but they forgive me


I used the Gourmet Recipe for dough and golden croissants from epicurious, cooking at 220/200ºC and using a mixture of plain and strong flour.Next weekend is already earmarked for brioche, but will definitely be making these again!


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