Rosie Morland

I answered some questions about my time working with Fighting Badgers as producer and script supervisor on The Ipanema File…

Fighting Badgers

Rosie Morland took time our from her science day job to get involved with Fighting Badgers, and ended up taking on a number of roles during production of The Ipanema File… producer, costume, ‘art department’, script supervisor…. and general Fat Controller of The Spreadsheets!

Favourite scene from The Ipanema File?

  • It’s hard to pick! I really liked the interrogation scene, as it was amazing how we transformed the set, and also there was lots of fake blood… all the days with fake blood were pretty good! I also loved the visuals we got when filming a death scene by the sea, even we were racing against the tide on a chilly day in April, it was 100% worth it.
Favourite potential blooper/outake?
  • There was an amazing moment when one of the actors accidentally let loose a “BAM” while shooting someone!

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

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About Rosie

Scientist, producer, data-lover, bicyclist, taker of photos, and forever maker of things
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