Mini-musings on Speech Recognition

So it’s the start of another year and yet again I am resolving to Be More Organised. Will it finally happen? My main issue is Version Control. I’ve always been a bit lazy with computer organisation (Save to desktop? Check. Clear desktop into a new desktop folder of ‘Stuff’? Check.), and as my PhD drew to a close, it all went a bit wrong! I had files on my work PC, files on my home laptop, files in google drive, and a USB stick, all with slightly different versions and multiple annotated copies of the same bloody files!

ANYWAY, yesterday I organised all my video files, which was a small achievement, but today I’ve started with images, which is going to be a hideous task as I am someone who takes photos of something or other on a daily basis. Hey ho.

So going through files and folders I came across this, clearly a victim of my poor file management:

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This was my computer attempting speech recognition one evening – I think the cat walked over my laptop and switched it on, but interesting to see how skewiff it’s eavesdropping is! Made me think you could have some fun with virtual chinese whispers using generic untrained recognition systems 😉

Anyway, back to the organising – wonder what else I find…


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