IndieBoogie Feature Update!

If you’ve had a look at IndieBoogie in the past… or never heard of us, we’ve had a spruce! Providing production tools to filmmakers, as well as collecting independent films available online all over the world in the IndieBoogie Cinema… check it out!

Fighting Badgers

Time for another look at how IndieBoogie is doing!

Our aim with IndieBoogie has always been to provide a one-stop-shop for indie filmmakers, so here’s a quick run-down of what features IndieBoogie offers to filmmakers… and all for free!

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rushdie avedon

When he was a child Salman Rushdie’s father read to him ‘the great wonder tales of the East’ – the stories of Scheherazade from the Thousand and One Nights; the animal fables of the ancient Indian Panchatantra; ‘the marvels that poured like a waterfall from the Kathasaritsagara’, the famous 11th-century Sanskrit collection of myths; the ‘tales of the mighty heroes collected in the Hamzanama’ that tell of the legendary exploits of Amir Hamza, uncle to the Prophet Mohammed; and the ancient Persian classic, The Adventures of Hatim Tai. Rushdie’s father ‘told them and retold them and remade them and reinvented them in his own way’.

To grow up ‘steeped in these tellings’, Rushdie writes in his memoir Joseph Anton, ‘was to learn two unforgettable lessons’. First, that ‘stories were not true… but by being untrue they could make him feel and know truths that the…

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Mini-musings on Speech Recognition

So it’s the start of another year and yet again I am resolving to Be More Organised. Will it finally happen? My main issue is Version Control. I’ve always been a bit lazy with computer organisation (Save to desktop? Check. Clear desktop into a new desktop folder of ‘Stuff’? Check.), and as my PhD drew to a close, it all went a bit wrong! I had files on my work PC, files on my home laptop, files in google drive, and a USB stick, all with slightly different versions and multiple annotated copies of the same bloody files!

ANYWAY, yesterday I organised all my video files, which was a small achievement, but today I’ve started with images, which is going to be a hideous task as I am someone who takes photos of something or other on a daily basis. Hey ho.

So going through files and folders I came across this, clearly a victim of my poor file management:

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Story -18° C.  After four and Seaside Park.  For further than that.  And one recent

This was my computer attempting speech recognition one evening – I think the cat walked over my laptop and switched it on, but interesting to see how skewiff it’s eavesdropping is! Made me think you could have some fun with virtual chinese whispers using generic untrained recognition systems 😉

Anyway, back to the organising – wonder what else I find…

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It’s Go Time!

So… I got a GoPro Hero 3+ for Christmas, which is pretty exciting. I’ve been after a camera I could use for timelapse for a while – nearly got a Necono before Christmas, but alas it was part of a defective batch, which was a shame as I really liked the idea of magnetic feet! However, a GoPro is pretty damn awesome compared to the Necono, and I really like the challenge of working without a viewfinder (til I fix my phone, at least).

Expect a trickle of videos as I get to grips with all the settings and the basics of editing… but am kicking off with some timelapses of sunsets, christmas dinner table antics, and making biscuits!

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The Merkwürdigliebe Randoms – First

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Official poster for The Ipanema File (2015)

It’s an exciting time to be part of Fighting Badgers – sent the final cut to the composer last week, and just got the poster from our graphic artist yesterday – full steam ahead to get it finished and out there for you all to see!

Fighting Badgers

We were so excited to receive this over the weekend and think Angus Medford did a great job – woohoo! The final cut is now with the composer and the colour grade/SFX are well underway – not long now!

The Ipanema File (2015)

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Tesco Value Profit Inflator

Tesco Value Profit Inflator – in store now!

Tesco Value Profit Inflator – bag label

Tesco Value Profit Inflator instructions

As if Tesco didn’t earn enough money to start with. I’d like to think that I’m not alone when I don’t even comprehend what exactly you have to do to misidentify profits to the tune of a quarter of a billion pounds but I think it’s some kind of masterclass that id-iom needs to be taking a part of. Anyway, we racked our brains to see if we could possibly imagine what kind of fantastic device you would use to achieve such extravagant imaginary profits and here is the kind of apparatus I envisaged they were using at Tesco HQ to pump those profits up like a balloon. Like it says on the packaging:

“Please remember that overinflated profits can lead to the auditors being called in. People may get…

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The Ipanema File (2014) – TRAILER!

It’s here!!!

Fighting Badgers

Proud to present the trailer for the upcoming feature presentation from Fighting Badgers, The Ipanema File! 

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Rosie Morland

I answered some questions about my time working with Fighting Badgers as producer and script supervisor on The Ipanema File…

Fighting Badgers

Rosie Morland took time our from her science day job to get involved with Fighting Badgers, and ended up taking on a number of roles during production of The Ipanema File… producer, costume, ‘art department’, script supervisor…. and general Fat Controller of The Spreadsheets!

Favourite scene from The Ipanema File?

  • It’s hard to pick! I really liked the interrogation scene, as it was amazing how we transformed the set, and also there was lots of fake blood… all the days with fake blood were pretty good! I also loved the visuals we got when filming a death scene by the sea, even we were racing against the tide on a chilly day in April, it was 100% worth it.
Favourite potential blooper/outake?
  • There was an amazing moment when one of the actors accidentally let loose a “BAM” while shooting someone!

Thing you wouldn’t leave the house without during a shoot?

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Attention film-makers! Do you hate pre-production? Struggle under mountains or notes and spreadsheets? Wish there was an easy way to organise it all but can’t afford fancy software? Introducing Indieboogie!!

Upload a script (.txt OR .pdf), have all the things you need automatically extracted (locations/cast etc) and available for use in shotlisting and scheduling!

Having trouble finding a location or prop? Ask the community! (Won’t ask, Doesn’t get!)

…and during the shoot, keep your logs in order with our handy shot log function – easy to use on a mobile, and giving you drop-down options specific to your script, I personally can’t wait to try out this feature!

Have a look, try it out, and let us know what you think! We want to hear about the bugs and anything you’d like to see that would make your life easier! All sorts of neat features are already in development and I’ll keep you updated as they roll out! – A New Website for Filmmakers.

via – A New Website for Filmmakers.

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