The Ipanema File: It’s a wrap!

For the last 3 weeks, and at least the 3 months previous, The Ipanema File has been firmly in my thoughts, being the debut feature production for Fighting Badgers, which I helped produce, and acted as art department and script supervisor while on set.

In just over 3 weeks, and on a budget which has just tipped over the 3K mark, we have made a feature film – there is no way we could have done this as one, or even two people – this was without doubt, a massive collaboration. We have been so lucky with the people we worked with on this, most of whom came to us by answering ads online… which as anyone with experience of online dating (in particular) will attest to being an excellent way of attracting weirdos 😉 But not this time, and for that I feel truly grateful.

I think together we have made something we can really be proud of, but now it’s time to pass it over to post-production… the editor colour grader, and various other individuals who will transform our raw footage into movie magic. I can’t wait!!

But now, it’s back to work for me – this was a 3week holiday from writing my thesis, and what they say is true, if you want something done, ask a PhD student – we are hoarders of distractions! However, I feel the experience will definitely add to everything I do from this point onwards – my skills of organisation, leadership, and data management have been well and truly tested, and I feel like there is no project I wouldn’t feel comfortable tackling after this!

Til the next time…




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